Empower software engineering teams to create groundbreaking products, leaving a lasting impact on the world.


Revolutionize software engineering by eliminating mundane tasks and maximizing productivity.


25+ years of pain & frustration, 7+ years of ideation, 60000 lines of code. All dovetailing towards the creation of a platform that provides unprecendented visibility into the software engineering processes. Servicing global marquee customers for the last 7+ years and turning all of those lessons into a governance first, no grunt work required platform to up the productivity of software engineering


25 years of experience optimizing remote teams. Has lived the pain and currently putting all of the experiences and learnings into Nogrunt. Strongly believes that – speed of validation of changes – is the only way to give the team wings in increasing productivity.

IIMK allumni, and worked for large companies like JP Morgan Chase and for market leaders like EFI, leading engineering teams.