Gen AI platform that generates a Foundational Model of your application for your digital evolution

Empower Your Development with Intelligent AI

Secure & Scalable, Cloud or On-Premise based Gen AI models to understand your product deeply Enable Developer testing with no additional effort Convert Requirements to Automation scripts

Why Nogrunt?

  • Product Knowledge: Business Logic & what-if scenarios at your finger tips.
  • Developer Testing : Gen AI identifes impacted areas and tests for you, so developers can spend more time on their code.
  • 15x Faster Testing: Experience a paradigm shift in testing speed. Nogrunt is not just a test automation platform; it’s a velocity booster, outpacing open-source frameworks by 15 times.

NoGrunt Impact

1 X
ROI with accelerated release cycle
1 X
Gen AI generated Summaries
1 %
Developer hours saved
1 %
Increase in test coverage
Is understanding business logic of legacy features slowing down the introduction of new features

Wouldnt a ChatGPT equivalent for your application be a game changer

  • Generate Foundational Models of your application with no effort
  • Then chat with the model to get insights abouthow features work
  • GPT Assitant helps do the research for you
  • Accelerated requirements definition
  • Improved Impact Analysis

Empower your team with the power of Gen AI

How do you know if your developers have not introduced defects in related areas with their changes

Self Serve Developer Testing

  • Gen AI identifies impacted areas based on comments
  • GPT Assistant that helps developers identify impacted areas
  • Test Impacted areas with the click of a button
  • Gain Transparency to flaky areas without time consuming reports

Too much grunt work in your testing

Secure. Scalable. Cloud-based.

  • Tackle complexity head-on. Nogrunt empowers you to handle a multitude of test scenarios efficiently, minimizing the risk of oversights.
  • Transform major releases from chaos to coordination. Nogrunt ensures a smooth process, reducing the need for frantic efforts during critical project phases.
  • Ease the burden on your QA teams. Nogrunt’s efficiency allows your teams to focus on strategic testing, ensuring a smoother release process.
  • Tailor Nogrunt to your needs without sacrificing speed. Enjoy the flexibility to customize without compromising on efficiency.

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Whether you’re an Enterprise, Scale-up or a Startup, NoGrunt’s Gen AI platform is the right fit for you.

Nogrunt integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and frameworks

Single Sign On
Jira/ Confluence
Defect Tracking Systems
Code Repo